Standing Desk (Updated)

Tim Ferris published a great article on Office Ergonomics which included the Standing Desk common configurations: Below are my updated findings and suggestions for poker players, So after much consideration my workstation is now raised another 45cm off the ground. Any time I am using my computer I am standing up. The decision was based off multiple research articles citing how bad continuously sitting for long periods of time negatively affects your health. Simply google 'how bad is sitting for you?' to get a glimpse at what might be in store for you if you don't make drastic changes to your current working conditions. I've found my focus- and concentration levels have increased and are maintained for longer during my poker sessions. What I'm hoping for is an improvement in my abdomen / core area, which, up until now, has remained bloated and out of shape even after good nutrition and regular exercise. After only 3 days of standing while working my heels are hurting and I am constantly shifting my weight from side-to-side. I do step away from my desk and so stretches and also sit down for 5 minutes and stretch while lying on my back. I've found after the 3 to 4 hour mark the pain in my heels becomes a constant throbbing, I'm hoping I will get used to it. I do more stretching than before, especially my legs and I must do more yoga! After 10 days I find myself wanting to hunch over while I stand and rest my arms, head and torso onto the desk. As it gets much later in the day and most of night sessions are when it becomes tough to stand for more than an hour and I do take 5 minute breaks and stretch or lie down. After 6 months the soreness and some pain felt in my plantar fascia never really goes away. Everything is more bearable now. I naturally move weight from one side to another or move my feet around, raising one leg higher than another, or alternate bending knees much like dancing Kizomba. Help! My heels are really sore! 1. Alternate your weight on each foot while standing by elevating one leg. Simply step on something one foot higher than the floor. 2. I found grasping your feet with your hands and pressing your thumbs into your feet for 2-3 seconds relieves some of the pain. I do this while on my work break. 3. I haven't experimented with this yet, but I've been recommended to raise my toes off the ground while standing. I will see whether this helps too 4. Updated: at this point all types of simple toe-, ankle and leg movement is incorporated while playing.    
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