Meaning. Your Life Is A Rorschach Inkblot Test

The real you is what is left after you take away the world as experienced by your 9 senses.

Your life is the meaning you attach to those experiences. 

...yes, I'm going to start this post with two existential and seemingly paradoxical claims. And yes, we do in fact have 9 distinct senses: the common 5 most cited are sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. To get to 9 we add: Equilibrioception - our ability to balance, Nociception - feeling pain, Thermoception - heat; and Proprioception - body awareness. Its possible we have more, but I will leave that research nodus to the scientists. 

Our senses are like a human lense through which we see the world, a Homosapien Rosetta Stone to decode the jiggling strings of the universe. For instance, to us our sight and the objects we see, are presented as a spectrum of colours in the ROYGBIV (rainbow) format. Animals, like the bee, see the world very differently, they also see ultra-violet light patterns. Some animals, like the dog, possibly only see the world in shades of yellow and bluish-gray. If we think of our brain comprising three parts: the Reptilian, Mammalian and Neocortex; the Neocortex has the ability to interpret the sum of the stimuli from external sources, as experienced by our senses, to piece together our surrounding environment. Our thoughts on those sensations and feelings govern our behaviours, and our deeper selves give those actions meaning.

But who is deciding what meaning we attribute to ourselves and our surroundings?

I want to give you permission right now, to give meaning to every moment of your life in a way that brings you joy and adds to your well-being. Take that action right now, that would bring you fulfillment if you had to look back on your life. We decide every day how to feel and how to behave. This means accepting and embracing the spectrum of emotions, allowing rumination to dissolve, and being present to being, simply being... alone, but not lonely.

"I did it all and it was awesome!" - Max

"What would you do if you weren't afraid" - written on the wall of Facebook



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