Coaching Agreement

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Coaching Agreement

This agreement is made on the ______ day of _______________________, 20_____                           between Darren Chandler (“Coach”), and _______________________________________ (“Client”). Both parties agree to the following:


Coaching is an ongoing relationship between a coach and a client.  The opportunity for success for the client dramatically increases when they view changing habits, mindsets and possibilities as a process.

Coaching is a structure that facilitates the process of personal, professional and / or spiritual development.  The Client and Coach agree that the coaching relationship will be designed together.

Coaching is for individuals who are emotionally and psychologically healthy and who want to make changes and move forward in their lives. Coaching is not generic advice, therapy or counseling.

By entering this relationship, the Coach and Client acknowledge that the Client wants to make significant progress and change in his/her life. Because progress and change happen at rates that are unique to each individual, the Coach and Client commit to working with each other for an initial period of: ___________________________________________________ (“time period or number of sessions”) This allows the coaching relationship necessary time to develop and progress through objectives, obstacles and successes that occur.


All coaching sessions are conducted over Skype or phone call unless otherwise arranged with the Coach.

At the scheduled appointment time, the Client agrees to call the Coach. The Coach and Client commit to starting and finishing each session on time. If the Client does not contact the Coach 10 minutes after the agreed upon starting time, the Coach will assume the session is cancelled and the Client will forfeit the session fee.

Rescheduling a coaching session is easily done with appropriate notice. Please allow for at least 24 hours’ notice to appointment changes. In between coaching sessions, the client may feel free to e‐mail the Coach. Calls made between the scheduled calls are permissible and based on availability; the parties agree to keep the calls to 5 minutes or less.


The coaching relationship is built on trust. The Coach agrees to keep all conversations and information with the Client private and confidential. No personal ideas, information or thoughts expressed will be shared with anyone except with the permission of the Client.


Opening Session – a free 30‐minute consultation session may be provided to introduce the coaching process to the potential Client. After this, the Coach and the Client can discuss entering into a coaching relationship.

1 Month Commitment – The Client receives two (2), 45 minute coaching sessions or one (1), 90 minute coaching session over a one month period. Price $80. Total coaching time: 1 hours 30 minutes.

2 Month Commitment – The Client receives three (3), 50 minute coaching sessions or two (2), 75 minute coaching sessions over a two month period. Price $100. Total coaching time: 2 hours 30 minutes.

Monthly Agreement – After the initial 1- or 2‐month commitment, the Client may receive two (2), 45 minute coaching sessions or one (1), 90 minute coaching session each month on a month‐to‐month basis. Monthly price $50.  The monthly program may be cancelled, in writing, at any time without penalty.

Cancellations will take effect within 30 days of receiving written notification. Should the Client have paid in advance for multiple sessions, partial refunds will be made for unused sessions pro rata.

The Client agrees to pay the monthly fee before coaching services are provided for the month.

Payments may be made by check, cash or credit card (when available).


Cardholder Name: __________________________________

Card Number: ______________________________________ Exp Date (MM/YY) ____/____

Security Number: ________

Bank Name: ________________________________ Branch code: ______________


Client name: _______________________________________

Client Signature …………………………………………………………………….

Download coaching agreement in PDF word document


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