Standing Desk (Updated)

Tim Ferris published a great article on Office Ergonomics which included the Standing Desk common configurations: Below are my updated findings and suggestions for poker players, So after much consideration my workstation is now raised another 45cm off the ground. Any time I am using my computer I am standing up. The decision was based […]

Emotion and Meditation: First Steps and Initial Thoughts for Poker Players

Internet Resources on Guided Meditation Headspace is an excellent resource for those wanting to try out meditation for themselves. The website offers 10 free sessions of 10 minutes each which also includes some great ideas for mindfulness, increasing awareness and managing emotions. *** My introduction to meditation began from two different sources, the Headspace website above […]

Post-session Poker Cool Down Strategies

My main goal is to always be present in the moment and focused in each activity that I’m engaging in. Which means that when I go to bed to sleep or when I’m spending time with my girlfriend – I want to reduce or eliminate residual physiological- and psychological stimuli from my poker session(s) that […]

Downswing? 7 Key Strategy Areas That Need Attention

You’re running bad, you’re confidence is low and you worried you not playing your best, I’ve highlighted 7 Strategy Areas for you to assess your game. For the most part these are exploitative adjustments made on weaker players and as such are deviations from optimal strategy. By all means continue playing optimally versus good, aggressive […]

Becoming A Better Player – 5 Mindset Strategies

I will jump straight into what I believe to be cornerstone mental strategies and mindsets for the modern poker player. 1) Stick to positive thoughts, ideas, words, mindsets. Make sure that your affirmations and objectives are worded and written correctly. Importantly, remove words like ‘donkey’ ‘fish’ ‘spewtard’ .. anything else that grossly generalizes how an opponent […]

Talking To Yourself and Listening In

Last year my performance was really poor and my results unfavourable. Furthermore, I wasn’t sure where I was going wrong. I was working very hard and yet nothing was actually ‘working’. Several downswings in LIVE- and online play left me unable to grasp what was happening, my confidence was at an all time low and […]

The Real Downswing

When are you in a downswing? A downswing for most players is the moment they think to themselves, tell themselves or tell others “I’m in a downswing” usually after sustaining heavier than usual losses for a prolonged period of time. But our downswings are all relative and as such are really only created in our […]

Externalities – The Power Of Positive Spillovers

In economics, spillover effects refer to bi-products of production that result in either further advantages or disadvantages to the surrounding community or system. Pollution from a factory is a negative spillover that poisons and destroys the air, earth, rivers, flora and fauna in the surrounding area. Whereas a positive ‘information’ spillover might be in the […]

Morning Routine

How you start your day is going to determine how successful you will be. All great performers have rigorous routines and remain dedicated to their schedule. Regardless of your field of expertise, you will need the energy to perform in each activity and the right mindset(s) to reach your goal(s). As such, having a consistent, […]