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Why Would You Need A Coach?

“if Elon Musk had to ask you for [coaching] advice what would you give him?” I was asked that in an interview the other day… The question caught me off guard, it was a good question, thought-provoking and scrutinizing, least of all because it would give insight, not only to my coaching ability, but to […]

Emotional Intelligence At Work – Alain de Botton, School of Life

Emotional Intelligence at Work – Alain de Botton, School of Life i. Introduction “Without giving me names, identify someone you find particularly difficult to work with. What are their specific behaviours that make them so unpleasant or difficult?” After a warm introduction from Thomas Biller, Alain de Botton takes the stage and poses this question […]

The Learning Mindset

“Clear Intention” – Antonio Esfandiari¹ Your targets, goals and objectives should be clearly defined each day and the necessary steps to take action to reach those targets. Have them written down and easily accessible. Update them periodically. Your time is very important. Be very selective how you choose to use your ‘working’ hours.  Remember that […]

Vipassana – A Journey Through My Emotional Body

It would be 10 days of isolation from the world, 100 hours of meditation in noble silence*, limited food and no exercise… A sharp nail is stuck in my head. Heavy weights hang on my nose and cheeks, pulling my face downwards. Horrid pinching is felt in my neck and shoulders. Several electric tearing sensations […]

Meaning. Your Life Is A Rorschach Inkblot Test

The real you is what is left after you take away the world as experienced by your 9 senses. Your life is the meaning you attach to those experiences.  …yes, I’m going to start this post with two existential and seemingly paradoxical claims. And yes, we do in fact have 9 distinct senses: the common […]

Lucid Dreaming – A Beginner’s Guide

What Is It? Lucid dreaming is the ability to take control of your dreams much like the architects in the movie Inception. You can add and remove characters, have superpowers and construct your environment as you wish. Why Should I Consider Doing It? As part of my exploration into meta-learning, I always wished I had more […]

Complete Mental Game Portfolio

My Complete Mental Game Portfolio Encompasses 4 Key Areas ♠ Recognition of Skill of Variance ♣ Practicing Non-attachment ♥ Emotional Bankroll ♦ Zone A B C Game Analysis – holistic table representing key elements and the latest, accurate reflection of your current game states. Each area can be magnified and explored as much as needed. […]

Tilt Profile: Running Bad

This is an example of a complete tilt profile. J.Tendler identified 7 main areas of tilt. I will provide my own profiles of each.  Running Bad Injustice Hate-losing Mistake Entitlement Revenge Desperation Running Bad Tilt Profile, Injecting Logic and Strategic Reminders Negative Variance Is NEVER an Excuse for Playing Badly Facing Negative Variance is a […]

Steps to Reducing Anxiety, Fear and Stress

When I was younger if I had to lump certain emotions into one of two categories ‘good’ or ‘bad’, likely feelings of joy, happiness, confidence would go into the ‘good’ side and feelings of anger, fear, hate et cetera would go into the ‘bad’ side. As I got older it became less clear to me […]