Darren chandler

Coaching and teaching has always been a part of me. From a young age I would read to the smaller children in the classes below me. During school I would tutor mathematics and chess. I would also happily jump in front of the class, when the teacher didn't show up, much to the amusement and dismay of some of my classmates. 

After a gap year teaching and coaching at The Dragon School in Oxford, it was time for me to go to university where I completed a Bachelor of Commerce in Economics and Statistics at the University of Cape Town, UCT. 

While studying I began my poker career, which lasted 8 years. It tested my emotional stability and decision-making ability under duress. The same mental game tactics in poker, I use in my coaching today.

While coaching amateur poker players to become professionals, I decide to boost my coaching skills and enrolled in the Foundations of Executive Coaching with Getsmarter in partnership with UCT. 

While I was dedicated to fitness and earning money, the isolated realm of professional poker took its toll on my relationships. Eventually, as the poker market took yet another down-turn, I decided to give myself time to formulate new dreams and goals, and dedicate my time to social dynamics. In doing so, I would put together the last piece of the puzzle, or "pillar" of Health, Wealth, Relationships and Happiness - a 4 factor model I use for my clients and for myself.

Years later, having coached clients from all over the world, I am happy and humbled by the successes and experiences I've had with my clients and friends.

It brings me great joy to help others on their journey toward greatness, and I am grateful for all those that have helped me along the way too.

Thank you.

Your sincerely,

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Even though its often cited that one should be "process-oriented" not results-oriented. Goal completion is an integral part of the development plan. In that regard, take a look at what my successful clients have to say about my coaching practice.


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