core coaching strategies

The following key areas form the foundations of my coaching approach. 

Development Plan

Structured coaching means following a process of planning, action and feedback. Make sure you have a solid strategy in place, that includes preparing for possible setbacks.

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Switch on your self-awareness for improved results and emotional stability.

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Its a common element missing from successful goal-setting, but how to utilize it effectively?

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my mission

I am a personal development executive coach assisting men with accelerating their growth in business- and personal relationships. I promote self-awareness, teach communication skills and social dynamics. Using my 4 Pillars Model, I cover challenges hindering overall progress in Health, Wealth, Relationships and Happiness.

My current projects

Personal growth includes constantly adding and enhancing skill sets. Have a look at what I am personally working on right now.

Content Marketing

When social media is saturated and your customers have seen everything before. How do you reach your target audience and keep them interested?

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Learn how I turned my passion for photography into a business. 

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The Cryptocurrency Market Cap has doubled from $250BN to over $500BN in 2017. Are you missing out on massive returns? Will you avoid the biggest market crash since the year 2000? What does 2018 have in store for us?

success stories

Everyday, people around the world are overcoming their personal challenges to pursue what they deem to be the reason they were put here on this earth

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How to acquire, maintain and make do with what you have

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Location is everything

I am now residing in Berlin, come visit me!

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